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Our Governance Philosophy.

Our Governance Philosophy upholds the notion that accountability, transparency, ethics, and compliance are not contradictory to growth; rather, they form its foundation. By safeguarding the interests of all stakeholders, including shareholders, employees, customers, and communities, we contribute to the development of stronger, more resilient societies where the future is marked by equity and interdependence. This is why each of our companies is unwavering in its commitment to our Brand Equity & Business Promotion (BEBP) agreement — a commitment not only to excellence but also to ethical practices in all interactions and initiatives, regardless of location or relationship with us. 


Al Thuraya Holdings’ relationship with the group operating companies is governed by: Shareholding in the group companies. Al Thuraya Holdings is the principal investment holding company and the promoter of its group operating companies. 

Brand Equity & Business Promotion 

Every brand within our Al Thuraya Holdings’ family of companies is part of our Brand Equity & Business Promotion (BEBP) agreement. For agreeing to commit to our standards of conduct and operational excellence, companies have the right to use our brand. The BEBP makes mandatory the adoption of: 

ATH Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics 

Our Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics both represent who we are, both on a company level and an individual level. It provides an overview of the laws, regulations and company policies that apply to us and the work we do, but it does more than that as it builds upon our shared values.  

ATH Business Excellence Model 

Promoting business excellence through our approach to cross-organisational knowledge sharing and best practices, facilitating quicker growth and learning from shared insights. Certified assessors evaluate our Business Excellence Model across brands. Overall performance is measured against areas such as leadership, strategy, operational delivery, client and community needs and understanding, and effective use of data. 

Our Commitment to Sustainability 

The ATH commitment extends to community economic development, safety standards, stakeholder fairness and adherence to country laws and regulations. We foster an environment wherein stakeholders are encouraged to raise ethics and sustainability related issues and areas for improvement. We don’t pursue growth without pursuing environmentally practices. 

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Ethical Guiding Principles 

We firmly believe that the way we conduct our business and interact with employees, clients, service providers, partners, contractors, competitors, and the public is as crucial as the quality of services we provide. Guided by this belief, we have established a robust internal regulatory framework that enforces a commitment to unwavering integrity and the highest ethical standards for ourselves and all stakeholders. 


These guiding principles define our commitment to ethical responsibility and serve as a constant reminder of the values that drive our organization. As ATC, we commit to uphold these principles in all our interactions, decisions, and actions, ensuring that our clients and partners can trust us to deliver exceptional services while maintaining the highest ethical standards. 


Professionalism & Discipline

All staff are expected to maintain the highest levels of professionalism, including treating clients, colleagues, and the communities we work in with respect and courtesy. Desired behaviour focuses on contributing towards organisational goals whilst ensuring safety and confidentiality at all times.  


Sound Judgement

Our team is entrusted with significant responsibilities in safeguarding the interests of our clients and the broader community. Staff members are expected to exercise sound judgment and remain accountable for their actions, integral to our mission of providing reliable risk management and security services.


Integrity & Ethical Conduct

Every staff member is expected to have a strong ethical compass and uphold the highest standards of integrity and to uphold our companies’ values. They contribute to the safety and security of our clients and communities, whilst respecting the law of the countries they work in.  

Our Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics outlines everyone’s roles and responsibilities with regards to the codes, our adherence to fostering a positive work environment and approach to creating an equal workplace, workplace safety, confidentiality; commitment to Voluntary Principles on Security & Human Rights and Anti-Bribery and Corruption; and Use of Force policy. 

Sustainability Commitment  

Through our diverse Group approach we better recognise these risks and needs, learning what real sustainability should look like. Companies are committed to sustainability by embracing it as a part of business strategies across three focus areas: driving the decarbonization of our businesses and value chain; applying a systemic, circular economy approach to reduce resource use and waste; and preserving and restoring the natural environment.  


Al Thuraya Holdings are committed to do its’ part in the climate emergency by being knowledgeable and responsible and by adopting environment-friendly technologies, innovations and business practices while pursuing their growth aspirations. The group will strive to be a leader in developing and scaling the new technologies that are needed to drive a green transition - the group's aspiration of net zero by 2026 are part of its vision of securing the future, today. 

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