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Navigate risk through to reward through our global subsidiaries and leading-edge management consulting, technology and cultural intelligence, and corporate and digital ventures. 

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4 Global Subsidiaries and counting


Liptov Holdings is a global consulting firm that partners with regional leaders across business and society, tackling their most important challenges and capturing their greatest opportunities. Your success is ours, and that rests on our companies’ power for deep collaboration across all facets of enterprise and industry. Think expert know-how, international presence, and on-the-ground grit. And that’s why we specialise in navigating risk through to reward. 


Our M.O. centres on achieving not just the measurable, but what others might consider immeasurable. We focus on sustainability as well as results, alongside adjusting to change – even when change is unexpected. From individually tailored security services up to strategic level  consultancy or management, we have the latest insights backed by unique delivery capabilities so your business and interests can continue leading competition from the front. 



Working in a uniquely collaborative model across all our subsidiaries and all client corporate levels, we’re fuelled by facilitating the future of our clients’ industry leadership alongside the future of the communities and environments that sustain us. 

Aerospace and Defence, Automotive Industry, Consumer Products Industry, Education, Energy, Financial Institutions, Health Care Industry, Industrial Goods , Insurance Industry, Principal Investors and Private Equity, Public Sector, Retail Industry, Technology, Media, Telecommunications, Transportation and Logistics, Travel and Tourism. 

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