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Al Thuraya Holdings

Al Thuraya Holdings (ATH) is comprised of nine (9) different divisions that operate with one common goal in mind: to be positive in social change. Every company is led by industry veterans who live in a location where we invest and build capacity. Our management teams all made their careers and reputations on the premise of leaving somewhere better and more robust than where they found it.

 Our immense practical and first-hand knowledge fosters an environment of trust, collaboration, and ingenuity. We do not strive to be the biggest – we strive to earn the respect of the industry and our clients through the world-class work that we do.

ATH operates in a range of diversified segments, including infrastructure, energy, risk, and security and technology services. These segments consist of consolidated subsidiaries and associated companies. Together, ATH operates in the following locations: Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Africa, and North and South America. ATH and its subsidiaries also own interests directly and indirectly in other companies.


We categorize our companies as follows:

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Energy Industry

Ocho Energy is a global technology, engineering, procurement and construction company (EPC) serving the energy industries across 20 countries.

100% Owned

Our Mission

To provide world-class services and integrated solutions through our group of innovative companies 
We categorize our companies as follows:

Dynamic, diverse, far-reaching, experienced, and culturally aware: we are Al Thuraya Holdings 



Michael J. Padilla Pagan Payano

CEO and Chairman of the Board

Michael J. Padilla Pagan Payano founded Al Thuraya Holdings over a decade ago. Since then, he has built the company into the diverse, innovative, and daring family that it is.  


Al Thuraya Holdings companies are a partnership led by a Board of Directors and an Executive Committee. Located across the world and drawn from all parts of the company, the leadership team is primarily here to drive a high-performance culture, innovation and a genuine One-Firm experience.   


We bring a fresh perspective and infectious energy to every client relationship. Our emphasis on teamwork, trust and tolerance for diverging opinions helps clients focus on their opportunities, build their capabilities and win the future. Together, we achieve results that bridge what is with what can be.

Social Responsibility

How we give back?

For the companies within the group, giving back and empowering the communities that they work in is an integral part of what they do. Our Corporate Social Responsibility leads our initiatives to operate in a socially, economically, financially, and environmentally responsible way across the varying communities where we work.

Our corporate culture reflects our desire to operate responsibly in all the sectors that contribute to sustainable growth: economy, employees, society, and environment. 

We have long been active in a whole range of socially responsible activities, from employees volunteering in their local environment to long-term programs for Health and Education.

We have an enduring commitment to managing the environmental and social impact of our business while recognizing that our success is closely linked to the success of the communities in which we live and work.


Throughout our long history from 2006 onwards, we have undertaken the role of “responsible citizen”, and we will ensure to continue holding that true moving forward. 

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