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Our History

Al Thuraya Holdings (ATH) stands out for its steadfast commitment to excellence, ethical practices and approach to partnership. This is why our clients trust each of the companies under our brand to deliver effective approaches to tackling today’s global challenges.

Since our first operational endeavour as a company in 2006, the Al Thuraya name has evolved to become synonymous with leadership, innovation, operational excellence, and a commitment to sustainable and ethical practices. This is why these qualities have continued to guide Our Strategic Priorities

One global vision, driven by diverse insights.

Diversity leads to superior outcomes. This is the driving force behind Al Thuraya Holdings (ATH). Our group of companies operate across diverse regions and address a wide range of issues. The knowledge we acquire from these distinct perspectives and our ability to integrate them across our companies represent the most effective approach to tackling today's global challenges. 


As part of the ATH Group, our companies operate independently, but as our global presence grows, we ensure each new member complements the capabilities of the others. This allows us to harness the unique strengths of each company, making our ATH-wide offerings adaptable and capable of delivering in any environment, regardless of the level of challenge. By working locally and across various industries, we assist international clients in achieving their own goals by benefiting from the expanded insights we gain within our Group. In considering multiple viewpoints, we challenge assumptions, not only aiding our clients in their growth within their respective fields or new ventures but also allowing us to better support the communities and countries in which we operate. 


Al Thuraya Holdings began its journey 20 years ago, driven by the need to encourage a diversified approach to risk and to realize our human-centred vision. As the principal investment holding company for seven entities, we employ over 1,500 talents spanning 155 countries and six continents. We are a global enterprise, generating long-term value from our headquarters in Madrid, Spain. 

"Through ATH, I am able to respond to a universal need: to weave security principles into everyday life. Each of our Group of companies compliments each other by offering solutions to the everyday– but is guided by the knowledge that diversity breeds human ingenuity. Our companies look to people to create solutions"

Michael J. Padilla-Pagan Payano

Our Philosophy

Localised approaches to global resilience.

Whether at an individual or group level, we emphasize the understanding that all risks involve a human element. We strive to embed this recognition as a strategic priority. Organizations, whether multinational or local, are increasingly susceptible as new global and human-related complexities emerge daily. 

With our ATH Group of Companies, we can collectively navigate these complexities and drive improved performance to foster sustainability and resilience. Together, our Companies exemplify the combined power of cultural intelligence. We learn from individuals in different environments and contexts to shape a global perspective. 


Our Governance Philosophy upholds the notion that accountability, transparency, ethics, and compliance are not contradictory to growth; rather, they form its foundation. By safeguarding the interests of all stakeholders, including shareholders, employees, customers, and communities, we contribute to the development of stronger, more resilient societies where the future is marked by equity and interdependence. This is why each of our companies is unwavering in its commitment to our Brand Equity & Business Promotion (BEBP) agreement — a commitment not only to excellence but also to ethical practices in all interactions and initiatives, regardless of location or relationship with us. 

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Our Strategic Priorities

ATH and our Group of Companies are all guided by the following strategic priorities: 

  • Enhancing leadership & entrepreneurialism: Strong leadership, facilitated by cross-industry and geographical knowledge. 

  • Driving innovation & operational excellence: Through our Group we gather the local, cultural and distinctly human perspectives that empower innovation. 

  • Embedding sustainability: Through our diverse Group approach we better recognise these risks and needs, learning what real sustainability should look like. 

  • Evolving our portfolio: As we grow, we are better equipped to support our clients and evolve together.

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Our Portfolio

Our capabilities are as diverse as the risks we face, and the environments we work to thrive in. We deliver powerful and measurable results, enabled by our global-to-local ATH structure and the expertise our companies provide. Our ‘independent collective’ structure

  • Build: We work with leaders across industries to develop opportunities for growth, no matter the context. Through our Companies, we use our expertise to build on your fo 

  • undations, and help you break boundaries. 

  • Manage: We’re trusted by our clients to navigate the complexities of both the everyday and the extraordinary. We tackle barriers to operational excellence through our strong local and international networks and talent. 

  • Protect: Our structure ensures a continuous feedback-loop across companies. We learn from the local and galvanise the global to safeguard your staff, interests and assets – wherever the next challenge takes you.  

Companies operating under our world-class ATH standards include Al Thuraya Consultancy, Al Thuraya Academy, ICE24, ICESERVE24, ICETRAVEL360, Ludicrous Labs, and Ocho Energy. Through diversifying our portfolio, we have developed not only solutions but contingencies to the world’s ever-expanding risks, whether societal, environmental, or technological issues or across energy, travel or consulting industries.  

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