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Image by Paulo Simões Mendes

ATG Ocho Energy Limited (Ocho Energy) is a global technology, engineering, procurement and construction company (EPC) serving the energy industries. Customers have turned to us for decades to solve their most challenging assignments.


“Your Global Partner for Security, Safety, and Success.”


We only take on challenges where we bring value. Our track record speaks for itself. ICE24’s clients benefit from the local networks we’ve developed across the globe, bringing ground-level insights and trained teams to offer unparalleled international services. Our clients reduce risks without compromising on opportunities – we’re there to help you expand every step of the way.



Our Global Operations Center and regional hubs maintain accurate oversight of the most fast-paced and evolving situations. Unparalleled cross-cultural understanding, backed by reliable up-to-the-minute intel and deep technical capabilities will inform your boardroom strategiesfor market entry, or keep you safe when you’re on the ground.


By using deep cultural intelligence and the human experience that only comes from living in the areas where we work, we develop actionable strategies, mitigating risks and guiding you to opportunities. – Might be better to have some project numbers here. Is it the same as ATC? 1000+ projects?



Local presence and cultural intelligence is what sets us apart. We operate in high-threat environments, able to make informed decisions in seconds: our clients trust us to deliver in the most volatile situations. We live and work and where we operate - our response times are faster-than-industry average.


Risk & threat Assessments, Intelligence solutions, Event Security Solutions, Natural disaster recovery and response, Technical Security Counter Measures, Ground protection & Journey Management, Professional drivers & Security escorts, Critical incidental response.

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