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ICE24 is a leading global consultancy powerhouse, providing a rich tapestry of expertise, invaluable insights and solutions across various domains. From strategic advisory and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) to technology consulting, we leverage extensive networks and resources, ensuring seamless support for clients navigating international markets.  

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Thousands of dollars saved for travellers per journey 
Hundreds of thousands of dollars saved for Ultra High Net Worth Clients & Family Offices 
Over 200 Due Diligence Investigations per quarter  


We thrive on challenges where we bring unequivocal value - our track record stands as testament to our commitment. Our clients are our partners, and we treat them that way with access to ICE24’s extensive global networks, harnessing ground-level insights and expert teams, ensuring unparalleled international services. ICE24 is synonymous to mitigating risks without missing opportunities. 



Through our Global Operations Center and regional hubs, we maintain vigilant oversight over rapidly evolving scenarios worldwide. Armed with unparalleled cross-cultural acumen and fortified by real-time intelligence, our technical prowess informs boardroom strategies for market entry and safeguards your ventures on the ground. 


Drawing upon profound cultural intelligence and firsthand experiences from our operational regions, we craft actionable strategies guide you to the untapped opportunities you deserve. Efficient. Committed. Able. 1000+ successful projects speaks volumes. 



Local presence and cultural intelligence is what sets us apart. We operate in high-threat environments, able to make split-second decisions rooted in comprehensive insights: our clients trust us to deliver in the most volatile situations.  


Consulting: Strategy, Managemen, Technology, Financial Advisory Services, Human Capital, Risk Management and Regulatory, Supply Chain and Operations, Sustainability and Environmental, Marketing and Sales, Public Sector. 


Services: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Business Process Services (BPO), Cyber Security, Systems and Technology, Digital Transformation, Travel Management, Luxury Concierge, Ultra High Net Worth Clients & Family Office, Multinational Corporates 

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